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Lessons from Peter Thiel for non-startup people.

A 0 to 1 startup involves low financial costs but low non-financial costs too. You’ll at least learn a lot and probably will be better for the effort. A 1 to n startup, though, has especially low financial costs, but higher non-financial costs. If you try to do Groupon for Madagascar and it fails, it’s not clear where exactly you are. But it’s not good… The path from 0 to 1 might start with asking and answering three questions. First, what is valuable? Second, what can I do? And third, what is nobody else doing?

A chap named Blake Masters is taking Peter Thiel’s class on startups at Stanford. He’s posting all of his notes on his Tumblr. Startup people can obviously learn a lot from them. But a lot of it applies to pretty much any person who wants to make things – whether it’s a interweb startup, an ad, a new bike shop, or a new piece of music.

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